Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Hello World! Isn't it wonderful being able to sit upright and type?! I'm still recuperating from a bad BAD bout of stomach flu, but I'm flooding my laptop with images of all things retail and smile-inducing!

One thing that I can't quite believe slipped my Mulberry radar are the awesome 3D cakes and cupcake toppingss which graced Club 21's Mulberry Fall/Winter 2010 Alexa launch at Tanjong Beach Club back in August. You know how I feel about the bag, but let's turn the spotlight on these Alexa cakes for a moment... and more importantly, the amazing baking artist behind them Felicia Khoo.

If patience is a virtue, this 20 year old inspiration must be a saint! She spends at least 2 days making each cake (1 day for the fondant, and another for the cake presumably). I reckon she could also be an extremely rich one if she made 3D fashion cakes for a living. Felicia has even made her cake flavour match the colour of the "bag"! Oh to have a Happy birthday cake... with salted caramel methinks :)

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