Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Impulse Buy? Alexander Wang's Daria bag

Hello!! Am back from my annual trip back to Malaysia and am right on time for The Outnet's Tuesday update! Top of the list is Alexander Wang's Daria bag which I've been of two minds about.  It's less classic and more casual than M's favourite LV - but at 50% off (now £327.66), it's a tempting alternative, no?

I've always had an issue with the feel of the leather used by Wang for the Rocco bag - it felt too rugged and (gasp) even a little cheap. But the Daria doesn't seem to be plagued by the same symptoms.  I must be getting more circumspect in my purchases if I'm deliberating a full leather, all-purpose, black bag... Fastest fingers first? 


  1. Well, its now FREE SHIPPING on Outnet for 24 hours! :) Should add more to your temptation

  2. I know! This is absolute torture...

  3. so did you get it?? :) I was tempted but decided that since if it was at full price I wouldn't have bought it, then it wasn't the right buy for me. Also I've put in the order for the LV! Still... it is a pretty good alternative and SO MUCH CHEAPER!


  4. It's funny, You always post great photos. And I'm glad you're feeling happy! :) Scarves