Saturday, 26 February 2011

Besotted: Louis Vuitton Wedges

Typical: No sooner do I proclaim that I might be all shoe-ed out that Sophia Coppola completely wins me over with her playfully classic, black mary-jane wedges look.  So besotting was this look that it warranted 45 minute detour through the Orchard Road hordes on a Friday night (in the opposite direction)!

Sadly, my reconnaissance trip was futile as the Louis Vuitton SA confirmed that this winsome wedge was not on Singapore's order list for Spring/Summer 2011.  Drat.  More cash for the home it is then...
Sophia Coppola spotted in a Fall/Winter version

{photos tfs}

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    Not really the same but similar - see velvet platforms, pity pre-orders are closed!