Monday, 14 February 2011

My Favourite Guest Star: Mamie Gummer in The Good Wife

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I hang my head in shame for failing to immediately recognising Mamie Gummer during her guest appearances on one of my new favourite shows, The Good Wife.  

Though I recalled Meryl Streep had a daughter who was picked to be the face of Gerard Darel in their 2009/2010 campaigns, placing Gummer in her witty, sneaky Legally Blonde turn proved to be an inexplicable challenge.  For that I blame the collective swoon squad of Josh Charles, Chris Noth and Matt Czuchry for causing my repeated brain spazzes. 

I'm now obsessed trying to get my hands on a DVD of Evening, which has Gummer with Claire Danes and her delicious husband Hugh Dancy. Ok, I readily admit that this post has a sketchy link to shopping, but it's certainly for a good cause.  If you haven't started watching The Good Wife, please do so I won't be alone in my guilty pleasure - I promise it has more guy-candy than Grey's these days... 

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