Thursday, 12 August 2010

Actress Off Duty

I might have developed an mild fascination with observing several actress' off-duty looks. The less they look like they've been touched with a stylist's hand, the more I'm intrigued with what clothing or bag they'll turn up in. It's not necessarily about "following" their style - it's more of a healthy dose of self-confidence when you realise you're dressed like Rachel Bilson :)
Then again, there are moments of true actress-envy: witness Clemence's single-handed ability to entice me back into Balenciaga motorcycle bags. If there was a Facebook group endorsing slinging your City strap over the shoulder - hereinafter 'Clemence-style'- instead of having the handle hooked on your inner arm, sign me up!
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  1. bbag shoulder straps don't wear very easy, imo. i tend to carry mine by the handles most of the time.

  2. i always sling mine over my shoulder. Makes me look less 'cookie cutter' and gives me hands to browse through shopping racks!