Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Let's Discuss: Just One Bag

Some pre-Europe bag scouting ensued over the weekend to narrow down the List which (in its feasible - "won't completely cripple the remainder of my holiday "- form) was looking a little bit like this: the Mulberry Bayswater, or Gerard Darel's 24-hour. After actually sighting the GD in Bangkok's Central department store, the French answer to Mulberry was struck off the list summarily. It just Did. Not. Work. on me.

Which leads me to a surprising, overwhelming feeling of ambivalence when I tried on the Bayswater with galpal M. It wasn't not a good bag; it just wasn't Ah-may-zing, you know? The oversized Alexa bore more immediate appeal than my one big love.

Since that day, my thoughts have been shrouded with doubt: Was it nostalgia that was keeping me in love with it? When did I fall out of love with this modern classic? Is it even possible not to love a classic bag anymore?

Troubling times indeed... Is there any hope for a trustworthy, all purpose bag anymore? *ponder*

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