Friday, 6 August 2010

Little Black Riding Hood

I'm starting a list of reasons to buy this ASOS wool cape in anticipation of my European sojourn in November... if I get to 10, I'll cave (that is, if UK8 isn't gone by then):
  1. Capes are in this season.
  2. It's in black. Black is eternal even if the cape trend is not.
  3. It'll be fall and I need to be Warm
  4. And Chic.
  5. Capes hide all bulges.
  6. Styled with my plethora of breton tops, I'd have successfully mimicked ASOS' Rachel Bilson styling.
  7. I have a deep insatiable need to live out fairy tales.
  8. *Grunt*
  9. Hmm...
  10. Darn.
(pc: fashionising)

1 comment:

  1. 8. you've been loving capes for a few years now
    9. the ASOS cape isn't too expensive and looks really cool
    10. capes will be back in season again in a couple of years - in fact with the speed that they're recycling trends right now, could be next season!

    sorry... I'm not helping am i? :)