Monday, 13 December 2010

Hats Off

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I'm having a fashion dilemma - which is fun (in a Veronica Mars I-need-to-solve-something kind of way) but also rather frustrating!  A galpal is tying the knot this Friday and the theme is *breathe*: 'My Fair Lady goes to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party'. You got that?
Short of raiding the Ralph Lauren archives for a piece of his Gossip Girl-favoured "My Fair Lady"-inspired Spring/Summer 2008 collection, I'm strapped to find something appropriate.  I wish the invitation had 'Black Tie' or 'Cocktail Chic' in italics.  It's held at a country club, but it's dinner... so I could do Ascott perfection (fulfilling my Hepburn aspirations), but the gentlemen have been asked to come in colourful bowties!
At least part of my apprehension stems from the wide-ranging sartorial options that present themselves with themed weddings, let alone one in Singapore.  To begin with, dressing for an evening wedding here is so incredibly unpredictable.  Guests opt for everything from bling & boufants to hobos & hipsters.  This could be the beginning of a trippy evening...

At least I've borrowed a bunch of fascinators from galpal M *phew* but coming up with the right balance between glam & whimsy will be a challenge. [stay tuned]  But, seriously, where is Kenley Collins when you need her??
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