Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tis the Season of Lanvin

Oh my blog - how I've missed you! Work leading up to (AND during Christmas) was a heavy as the snowfall in Europe. What a disaster on that front! But oh how Lanvin cures all.

After a month of sitting in its pristine wrapper, I finally debuted my Lanvin Happy quilted shoulderbag over the Christmas festivities.  Not that any bag/shoes should ever make your life complete but this practically became my Inception-totem; Everytime work got a little too rough and hectic, I'd run my hands over the hardware, you know, just to make sure I wasn't in a nightmare. Unfortunately, in each instance, I wasn't dreaming.
Thankfully, reality can be sweet - especially when darlings like galpal E are willing to e-stalk this unbelievable gorgeous statement-piece-to-end-all-statement-pieces chandelier necklace from their H&M range!  Whilst I've heard the quality of the dresses still left something to desire, this did not disappoint at all.  For a moment, I briefly contemplated surgically attaching this necklace for all 12-days of Christmas. I lurve it!  Am wondering if I can get away wearing it to a meeting tomorrow... *plot, plot, scheme*

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