Thursday, 2 December 2010

I am Bag, Hear Me Roar

If you're the type of girl who rolls her eyes at the sight of another black Chanel 2.55 or are on the verge of selling your Balenciagas, have I got a find for you!

Former menswear designer of Roberto Cavalli and Zimbabwean/Italian artist, Richard and Virginia, have created an inspired unisex line of exotic leather bags  under the label Beast of Burden.  With their leathers ethically sourced from Zimbabwe, the duo's luxurious choice of ostrich and nile crocodile lend a thoughtful  counterpoint to the rugged, practical designs.
Dandi in Nile crocodile

These were not made for your typical Fifth Avenue princess to showboat from her doorstep to the waiting limousine. Each bag is crafted by artisans in Florence, Italy, and full of sensible details such as zipped side pockets for the mobile phone or Travelpass, and detachable shoulder straps for the end of day - I know a good proportion of us compulsively haul our life in the daily bag, so that's rather thoughtful.
Zambesi in Ostrich or Nile crocodile

I'd initially fallen for the ostrich Zambesi on the strength of snaps from their blog [Ms Jackson, you are divine!], but have definitively warmed to the navy nile crocodile Dandi - persuaded in no small part by their clever decision to celebrate the natural shape of the leather skin, which in real fashion terms guarantees a truly unique buy!

Beast of Burden is available in a range of colours and styles, and are currently Made to Order. Priced from GBP1500 for the ostrich Zambesi, Dandi or a crocodile tote - about half the price of an equivalent exotic at Mulberry when you think about it... That's a bag AND a flight to Africa to celebrate! 

Feel free to email the lovely pair if you fancy a bespoke creation - they'll happily oblige!  {A big thanks also to Virginia who braved brisk London winds at Somerset House for my snaps!}

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