Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Let's Remember: Jeanne Lanvin

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As a footnote to my previous post, I should add that one of the highlights of my November trip was an afternoon at the Musee D'Orsay, on Paris' Left Bank.  Nestled among the Degas, Ingress, Van Gogh and Renoir was this portrait of Madam Jeanne Lanvin by Ă‰douard Vuillard.  It was such a warm surprise to be led through the halls to find this: a quiet and elegant classic - much like the design ethos of the House itself.  Though it may not be immediately apparent from this photo of the painting, one of the most striking aspects (for me) were the cloth samples, books and sketches; they were so very vividly detailed in real life. It reaffirmed my dream to have an office space modelled after the Lanvin workspace... plus, The Selby recently did an post on her private library!

I cannot recommend the Musee enough - please visit it on The Left when you're in Paris and don't forget to have some steak tartar at the Musee's Restaurant on the second floor, which gilded interiors and towering windows will make you feel like Marie Antoinette (in Sofia Coppola cool, of course).

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