Friday, 31 December 2010

Print Delicious: Shop The Singapore Museums

I am a sucker for dessert and unique stationery. I also love a good bargain - which makes these notebooks and wrapping papers from FARM (the online store for the National Museum of Singapore & the Singapore Art Museum) really delectable.  Ranging from S$10 for 3 pieces of wrapper to S$15 for a notebook, I want to line them up in a row on the shelf, give them away and frame the papers as art.  My imaginary shophouse home is bursting with these tasty prints! *wistful sigh*

If you need a further nudge, FARM is offering a apropos 20.11% discount on all orders placed before 12AM on 1 Jan 2011 (GMT+8). Just use the code "HELLO2011" at checkout. Oh and they ship internationally too - Happy Shopping!
'Ang Ku Kueh' (red turtle cake) is a tiny, turtle-shaped glutinous rice flour cake stuffed with bean paste or peanuts. Usually given away for baby's 1st month to symbolize wishes of longevity - how adorable would this motif be for a 1st month party! 
'Peng Kueh' is rice-filled glutinous rice flour cake associated with fertility. Eat the broad "head" of the cake and you'll give birth to a girl; have the "tail" and it'll be a boy. 
Mooncakes need no introduction. The Mid-Autumn Festival here is CRAZY... patisseries outdo each other trying to come up with new flavour concoctions.

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  1. What is it with fashion people and stationary? I love it too. But i have far more pristine notebooks/journals/and pens than i could ever possibly use!
    Love your blog.
    Ciao x.