Monday, 25 April 2011

Dirty Little Secret: Gwyneth Paltrow

Is admitting to liking Gwyneth Paltrow socially acceptable yet?  I certainly am firmly entrenched in "Camp Gwyneth" after her relaxed, kooky turns as the porn-named substitute teacher Holly Holiday in Glee and catching snips of her *gulp* eating and cooking in On The Road Again
With the Lenten shopping ban over and my bank balance looking a little healthier for it, my eye has turned to Alexander Wang's Emile bag (in dove grey, of course).  It's neutral without being stark, dressed-down without being casual and the choice of rose gold toned hardware just adds icing to the cake.  
One primary mental barrier to reaching for the card is the Emile seems inspired by the YSL Downtown.  To be fair, it's not a complete knockoff as much as an improvement since Wang's spin adds more structure and the option of a shoulder strap (de jour these days).  In terms of versatility, this one speaks 'office' far more.  Additionally, my perennial apprehensions about the Wang leather - not quite a supple as the other brands, and at times a bit coarse.  
Guess this puts the Emily on the 'wait for a sale' list for me... how about you?
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  1. the strap would be useful indeed but it doesn't really go well with the bag. to me, the bag is neither tall and narrow enuf, nor wide and shallow enuf, to have a strap look nice with it. it's like why the balenciaga work and weekenders do not come with a shoulder strap. now if the wang bag is soft and the strap's hung by the ends rather than the handles part, then the visual appeals more. i'm fussy this way :P