Friday, 1 April 2011

Hold It Against Me: Blake Lively with Bottega Veneta

Maybe it's symptoms of the month-long Gossip Girl hiatus kicking in... or perhaps Blake Lively's décolletage has finally developed its own gravitational pull, but I am (inexplicably) drawn to her bizarre polka-dot sarong/printed swimsuit with beach hair combination.  Then again, it might just be the bag.  And what a Bag! 

Most love their Bottega Veneta polished and, well, very Blair Waldorf/Lily Van de Woodsen classic.  But I love my BV weaves the most when they're textured, intricate and casual chic.  I guess you could say "more Serena".  But do I love BV enough to carve out space in my heart (and budget) for another white bag?  

At £4,466.68, I probably won't be strolling the boardwalk with this perforated leather stunner...  Thank goodness then that adding it to my Net-A-Porter Wish List is free.  TGIF everyone!
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