Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Traffic Stopping: Bright is Right

I've been putting my Lenten shopping ban to good use: trying on every single pair of red pants in the stores, and scouting for an alternative to Jil Sander's vivid acetate bag (read: the £77 designer plastic bag).  

Perennially, not a lot of cuts work on my petite frame. Or the colour wasn't intense enough... even my old favourites Shopbop and Net-A-Porter proved unfruitful. Fortunately, independent label EmersonMade has stepped up to the plate with the perfect red pant - complete with styling inspiration on how to wear them post-Colour Block Brights season. It's now sitting in my online cart with a KIV for Easter Sunday - please fit... 
The hunt for the replacement bag was significantly less painful. Trusty Baggu have an extremely affordable selection of neon brights at only US$8 each (or $6.50 if you band together with your galpal for 3 each).  On-trend and with the practical longevity of an LBD?  Sign me up! 

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