Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royalist vs. Just Plain Excited: Royal Wedding Merchandise

Apparently it's not very cool to be a royalist.  So I'm going to blame my mum and grandma on having now joined the leagues of royal wedding loyalists who've caved on a humble tea towel to commemorate April 29th.  

In my defence, it was from Emma Bridgewater and British-made which means I saved my relatives the agony of the enduring the appallingly ugly official tea towel whilst stimulating the British economy (well, at least Stoke-on-Trent's) at the same time.  

Bridgewater's delightful range of handmade pottery is currently selectively marked down for their Street Party Sale (until 2 May) so you could conceivably purchase a Union Jack cooler bag or mug as part of the Britannia fever sweeping the world.  Well, that's if you're unabashed enough to use them in public, of course...
Which is why my pick for choice Royal Wedding memorabilia is Rob Ryan's independently worthwhile hand-printed plate.  Well-renowned for his papercut artwork, I'm prepared to look past the fact that this stunning design piece isn't a papercutting on account of its romantic, fairy tale of an inscription: 
'The Crown and the Throne and the lions and the unicorns & the bowing & scraping and all the Palaces and the privileges are worth nothing if you will not spend every day of your life with me until I die. April 29th 2011"
Swoon.  Buy.

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