Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Sun is Out (And So is My Card)

Net-A-Porter's "free shipping" siren call is echoing - even as I sit in the warm sunshine (and away from the shops).  Frankly, it might be rude to resist when my off-white Cos silk blouse just booked a one-way ticket to the laundry bin in the sky after an inadvertent run-in with my vintage red capris.  (Laundry fact: If it ran in the 80s, it'll run in the 00's...)

I really should be operating on a one-in, one-out basis but what's caught my eye are these substantially less corporate pieces:  a denim dress from Maje and these nude clogs from Swedish Hasbeens.  It may well be the holiday mentality speaking, but denim and clogs are made for each other, aren't they?

I'm of two minds about the clogs.  Are they even a viable investment this late into the "trend"...?  I leave the inverted commas intact since it's been a full year since the Celine clogs first strutted their way into everyone's consciousness.  Now it's Spring/Summer 2011 and H&M has launched a collaboration with Swedish Hasbeens - either this summons a second wind to clog fascination, or it's signaling the final level of distillation to the mass market.  

In case you happen to be more decisive than I am, Net-A-Porter's free shipping ends 4 May 2011.  Shop & freeship while you can!

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  1. You should seriously consider the clogs! I've been thinking about getting them for ages ( not that that should be a reason to get them) and I think they're actually very versatile. Should also be great for the weekend with the low heel. Seriously, get them! :) what are post Lent holidays for after all?