Monday, 16 March 2009

D.I.Y. or Death

Seeing how I've completely exhausted my monthly shopping budget, I'm stalking the internet for D.I.Y. fashion options. This is a pretty clever way to make your regular black boots on-trend - ala Rumi from Fashion Toast:

Stay tuned for my D.I.Y. efforts in the coming month or so. In the meanwhile, if anyone would like to participate in my new "Nicholas Kirkwood-For-My-30th" charity, I'd be very grateful:

This has ME written all over it!

I had actually swung by On Pedder over the weekend to check out their addition of Nicholas Kirkwood and was:

(a) surprised that there were three (yes, only three) styles available;

(b) disappointed that of the three options, one was a plain python pump and didn't interest me, the other was his famous buckle platforms (below, in fabulous blue) but in Light. Taupe. Suede. which basically spells Death by 98% Humidity;

(c) the only one available which was a worthwhile buy was, IMHO, hardly the most covetable of his SS09 collection (below); and

(c) somewhat horrified they relegated Nicholas to the bottom shelf - I had to double-scan all the shelves before I finally spotted his signature platform soles.  No one puts Kirkwood on bottom shelf!  

Sigh... back to staking out Browns and counting down to their sale.

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