Thursday, 5 March 2009

Spotted: On American Idol

I can't quite believe I'm Googleing fashion from American Idol but last night's Top 36 had the fashion highlight of this season (and quite possibly every season since the one with Katherine McPhee)!

Country chick Kendall Beard wore this really cute yellow ruffled dress from Shoshanna, and styled it up with a leather belt and corsage pinned to the side. Apparently, her mum put the outfit together for her which is pretty outstanding - Love it!

If I were in America, I'd throw her a few votes just to keep her on my fashion radar.

The same dress is available from SAKS or try the teal or pink version, which is half the price (here). I think this would be a really fun dress to wear to weddings!

1 comment:

  1. she did look amazing but don't think she should have kept rockin that absolutely stunning rolex she wore in previous auditions. I really think it would have added to her already sexy outfit.just shows me major class, sophisticaton and confidence.