Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bad, BAD Girls

For some inexplicable reason, my usually restrained family has gone completely bag-mad this month! Galpal M aka. YSL/Valextra queen would be so pleased... I promise pics as each lovely piece turns up!

As a tease, we contributed to the pockets of Gucci (Aunt Y), Mulberry (moi) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (sis). BIG thanks to Bagaholic Boy for his pre-sale link. Mum is lone shoegal this month after scooping up her Georgina Goodman and Repetto during the sales.

Thank goodness for payday!!

p/s what the frig, the Mitzy Hobo in denim ticking is back on sale?! Thought it was sold out yesterday... drat it! Sis, don't suppose you'd consider getting this instead of the Marc if you haven't bought it yet? :)

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