Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Regional Find: ONEANDAHALF

It was lovely of the FN girls to showcase ONEANDAHALF - a diffusion line by regional Singapore/Indonesian designer Nina Nikicio, whose main collection showed at the recent Audi Fashion Festival.

ONEANDAHALF's debut offers a palette of classic black, white and heather grey and not a few jersey items that have a definite T by Alexander Wang feel to them. I'll ignore the rather counter-cohesive inclusion of two coffee pieces (a pant and a jacket) and a lone navy vest which IMHO doesn't sit well with the rest of the rather good collection - if this were Project Runway (which I miss greatly by the way), what would Tim Gunn say?

An interesting basic might be the Detacheable Shirt Dress which can be worn neat, or as a cropped shirt or sleeveless vest:Accessories-wise, check out the cute Checkered Detachable Cuff and Doubled Collars (no pun intended) that will almost certainly go with my imaginary collection of Tristan Blair SS09/10 shoes:
Can't speak for the quality of the jersey without seeing it for myself but at SGD28 for a Wang-esque jersey tank dress, one can hardly complain. This is virtually Primark!

Prices SGD17-69 (i.e. everything's under US50) {buy here}

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