Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shoe Lust : Kirsten Stewart in THOSE Rodarte boots

I realise these Rodarte boots will take at least half an hour to lace-up just right, but I deeply DEEPLY covet them.Practicality-wise, it took two people to put it on backstage... but it appears the foot portions can be slipped off when the need to try on other shoes arises (a small consolation?):Nicholas Kirkwood was reportedly considering putting these babies into production:
‘We're thinking about putting them into production now. But we'll probably tame them down so they'll just be below the knee.'
They're so fabulous (and deliciously unattainable) when mid-thigh but I suppose I could live with the design alteration if it meant a couple of hundred quid off the price. Yay.



  1. The whole world has gone mad for these boots...rightfully so!

  2. wow, she looks fantastic in this shoot!! it's good to see her when she's not sulking!