Monday, 5 January 2009

Healthier Living for 2009

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be healthier in 2009 - which is a PERFECT excuse to get this adorable vintage lunchpack!
What would go very well with the lunch pack is this pair of vintage red pumps on the same website. I can already see these two babies with a denim shirtdress, in the Botanics Gardens!

Note: In my head, being healthier includes eating a sandwich outdoors so one can work on a tan (instantly slimming) & cut back on the greasy takeaways (no trans fats) at the same time. Maybe if I found some ridiculously cute workout clothes, I'd be tempted to actually go to the gym...
While we're on the topic of getting healthy, my gal Gwyneth (inbetween fixing meals for Moses and Apple, and listening to her man & his band) waxes on about everything from her favourite dining spots to detox methods via her website Goop - which is all very well but what I really want to know is how she looks so amazing when (I suspect) she's scarcely wearing any makeup?!

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  1. good to be healthy and wealty too, see
    spread it to friends , thanks.