Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Replacement Killer

The universe conspiring against me!!  No sooner do I resolve not to buy anymore shoes until I've sold off my two underworn and/or ill-fitting Marc by MJs (more on this later...), I chance upon a French ebay seller with a bunch of unique Repettos!

These perforated star Repetto ballerinas are the perfect antidote to my old ones which were attacked by my Samsonite suitcase during a London rush-hour scrum.  Cue mild bleeding and two slices to the shoe and my toes.  Scarily instinctively, I was more concerned with the former.

Need.  New.  Shoes.  

Incidentally, trying to translate French ebay is bloody difficult!  I'm trying to work out why the same items don't come up on my usual International search...

Excuse this hideous photo... but I just had to show the destruction.
Heart weeps for my dear Repettos every time I look at them in this state :(

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