Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Donnie Darko Bunnies

There's a lot of cheap perspex/lucite jewellery on the local scene - all jumping on the Tatty Devine bandwagon no doubt. I'm actually feeling a little more 925 silver at the moment - but not the (heavily copied) T&Co kind.

The Apple Tree Thailand is a Bangkok-based range of handmade silver jewellery that's whimsical, dark & twisty and kinda evil - very Donnie Darko, and very me right now!

Am thinking about a bunch of their dismally departed bunny pendants (perhaps the nail-through-head, safety pin massacre & the scissors in ear ones done up charm bracelet style?) or maybe just their take on a skull & bones ring.

The Apple Tree also does a sweeter range of bicycle or bird inspired pieces but that's fairly common on Etsy already.

Off to email them for pricing :)

p/s the universe is conspiring to prevent me from shopping... the man just went up to Bangkok last weekend and I had nothing to send him to fetch at the time (sigh)

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