Thursday, 16 April 2009

Not Much of a Sale

I have a growing gripe with some of these private sale discount websites - a local one in particular. I received a mailer this morning trumpeting a private sale on Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.

Upon investigation, a bunch of their current season bags were being offered with a nominal SGD40 discount. Once you add on the delivery charge, that's a meagre SGD 30 (or about GBP 12 / US 15) off a Grovee Classic Satchel or less than 4%.

Given how much the USD has fallen against the SGD, they're probably just bringing the prices in line with the actual USD value. I'm sure every little bit counts, but that's a pretty paltry discount for an 'exclusive' website where 'discounted luxury is not an oxymoron'. I guess they really are offering 'UP TO 25% off"...

If anyone wants to know the name of the offending website - drop me an email...

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