Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Born With It

Part Artful Dodger, part Vegas magician, it's inspiring and somewhat depressing how well put together 8-year old Arlo Weiner is.  Son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner (LOVING the show Daddy-O!), Arlo's wardrobe is almost understandably vintage dapper chic.  He displays an intriguing perchance for velvet, plaid, bow ties and top hats which he regularly wears to school! 

At the same time, GQ's Most Stylish 8 Year Old and mini-Weiner is unsettlingly mature in his skin and clearly not your average parentally-styled celebrity child.  Seemingly naturally sartorially gifted, he EXPLAINS one particular outfit to a reporter:
"Even though the tie and the jacket are different colours, they're both striped, so I thought they looked right together"  
Adult males, feel free to jot down some style tips:

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