Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Drop The Crotch

After much deliberation, I've decided drop crotch ("DC") pants are a worthwhile investment!

I'm in love with the tartan one above from Pixie Market but for the sake of *some* fashion longevity, I've steadfastly narrowed it down to 2 options (both black, of course):

(a) Babooshka's harem pants which, in a rather brilliant marketing decision, have been sent (and seen) on every other major fashion blogger:

OR (b) Mary Meyer's drop crotch loose fit pants which retail for USD115 on OAK but Lulu and Your Mum have one for only USD55:

The Babooshka ones make a real statement with jodhpur sides AND the drop crotch.  Loving the silhouette!  But the Mary Meyer strict-harem shape seems rather more effortless - if more commercial - turning up at Urban Outfitters, on Rebecca of PrincessImp and in Camille's DIY take:

If those two Asian chicks can rock DCs without looking like MC Hammer's poorly paid midgets, I'm sure this 5feet-nothing one can do the same (she wonders aloud as the boyf wretches in the corner at the concept of DCs)

Am going for Babooshka ones as part of my May09 budget :)  Counting down to Labour Day already! 

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