Saturday, 25 April 2009

B.R. / A.R. : Convertible Clutch

My pal M is off to London next month so I've been on a Mulberry kick since I heard the news.  I adore the Bayswater Clutch which comes with a shoulder strap - but it's a little *too* oversized for me... yes that's (a) price-wise at GBP468, it's only a little cheaper than the regular Bayswater, and (b) in terms of shape/size, it's a little boxy as a shoulder bag.

Trust Urban Outfitters to find a painless alternative!  This mildly tie-dye leather clutch comes with a chic chain strap when (if you're anything like me) you get tired of grasping it in a chic way or tucking it under your arm.  

At only USD68 it's a steal in coral or black (the black is really quite fab). That's ALOT of savings for another day :) 

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