Saturday, 13 November 2010

Cheap(ish) Thrill: Tsumori Chisanto pour Petit Bateau

Bonjour! When I sighted the whimsical, très chic “marinière” top from French label Petit Bateau's collaboration with Japanese designer Tsumori Chisanto, I yelped and promptly made a beeline for their nearest boutique in London. I was such an early bird that they hadn't even had a chance to place pieces from the 13-piece collection onto the shopfloor... which perplexed me somewhat because the TC website listed the collaraboration being available since mid-October. Ergh, Japan always get stuff first...
Blagging my way into a "sneak peak" was worth it. How adorable are these two styles? The femme version is a heart and star thin cotton jersey top - perfect for even sunny Singapore; the homme version with the shooting star is of a slightly thicker weave and would probably work better as a cotton jumper. In a bit of non-buyer's regret, I feel like I should have also picked up the bag (how CDG is that?) and the scarf... but then, there's always Paris :)

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