Friday, 12 November 2010

The Spitalfields Haul

With the proliferation of fast fashion and the rise of China manufacturing, it's been increasingly hard to find anything 'Made in England'. This is one of the reasons why I make it a point to check out Spitalfields on the weekend - less touristy than Portabello and warmer than strolling the open streets (Up-Market's indoors). It's no wonder then that I had delightful spree there!
Of the four stalls I succumbed to, Enelle and Clara Francis made the biggest impression. Enelle was a particularly great find; her modernist take on bunch of strawberries has been permanently around my neck since the weekend. In fact, I was probably her last sale at Spitalfields - the lovely Nina is moving onto biggest and better things now that she's appeared in a couple of periodicals including Cosmopolitan so Sunday was her last day in the market. All the best!

Clara Francis' creations also had a similarly unique feel. For her balloon necklaces - which I've dubbed my 'Up' necklace, she's tucked a little poem into each balloon. You'll never actually know what it reads, but it's lovely knowing a little dream is hidden inside! I'm sure she'd be able to do personalised creations with your choice of poem or message inside if you asked nicely. I'd cooed at her stall 3 trips in a row now and am so pleased I finally caved this time :)

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