Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Parisian Pick-Me-Up

You will not believe the craziness that the Lanvin x H&M collaboration is turning up - the website in the UK was down even before the shopping began! And now eBay is flooded with ridiculously marked up wares... what a bust up! I can't say I'm entirely disappointed - galpal E and I had a VERY productive time with French labels over the last fortnight, including *ahem* actual Lanvin. More on that very soon!

In the meanwhile, I'm consoling myself that the H&M shoes and dresses were apparently more "prom" than "pompe" and I already have this charming souvenir from the land of Maje

Parisien knitwear designer Sonia Rykiel is well-known globally for her bright, fun sweaters (and more recently, for her H&M tie-up) but those have always been all too Rainbow Brite on me.  You can imagine then my elation in finding a bale of wool knit at her concession at Printemps - the bale's sold by the metre and in done in an annual, unique, stripe combination! Imagine have a stack of striped scarves from each trip to Paris? Tres bien, no? I literally felt like a kid on Christmas Day watching them measure and cut the scarf out... the feel-good factor to this buy is immeasurable! In fact, I highly recommend this as a joyful alternative to the cookie-cutter Hermes/Longchamp gift if you're shopping for a gift from Paris for a girlfriend!

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  1. Wow ! I had never seen scarves done "live" - how very interesting and how very chic.