Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Have Mercy

Oh, Nina Garcia and your surprisingly brilliant read of a magazine! Too long have I had my mind fixed on Brit mags and US Vogue... I'm less than 48 hours from flying to Europe (read: leather handbag mecca), but your features team made me double-take the credit for this bag. Could this really be the work of prep school betty, Kate Spade?

This ostrich-embossed cowhide style has a lady-like boxy shap
e reminiscent of Valextra or Louis Vuitton and is thus seasonless. Who couldn't help but feel cheered by its juicy blueberry hue - guaranteed to lift any outfit! Aren't the little accents adorable? Zips that extend to the sides, the witty zipper pull and, most impressively, the fantastic name: 'Head in the sand Melinda'!

US$425 (S$548 at the current exchange rate), this is going straight on my Christmas wish list if I'm not completely cleaned out by my holiday.
For those not burdened with such restrictions, pre-order it now online! (scheduled delivery 15 Dec 2010)

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