Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tired. (Almost) Packed

It can't have been that long ago since I travelled to Europe in Autumn, but I'm finding it an exercise in restraint packing a capsule wardrobe of versatile but interesting pieces. In a nutshell, I aim for Alexa with LV SC Bag divinity... but I'm probably more the chick in black in the background.

Since my time in college in the UK, I've developed an affinity for heels and grown an inability to travel in sports trainers - I mean Nike "meant for running" with a ski jacket vs. built for the street Converse/Bensimon with a peacoat, that is.

So it was with much pride that I whittled my shoe collection down to 3 pairs last night - tan ballerina flats, natural slouchy flat boots and black heeled knee-highs.

Packing needs aside, is it wrong that I've already shortlisted 2-3 pairs to acquire? I desperately need a replacement pair of Verity black pumps from Rupert Sanderson, am seriously contemplating those Celine wedges and am keen to check out these CDG x Converse All Star trainers at Dover Street Market. They've recently listed a new version with an improved removable insole, which might explain the recent pop-up CDG store in Singapore plumping all the old ones (hmm?).

So really, my choice of 3 does sound like 1 pair of boots too many, but it really is like choosing between two children. The black boots are the weathered first born, but the natural slouchy ones are the newborn itching for its maiden voyage. Please don't make me pick!

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