Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Downstairs; Upstairs

Act I, Scene 1: Downstairs, a shoe-mad shopper exits with more bags than can comfortably be carried. Hails cab out of sheer exhaustion.

Act I, Scene 2: Upstairs, the champagne flows, the wallets come out and much good is done for the local design scene.

This was more or less my life in Bruton Place in London - first that the always tempting Rupert Sanderson and then at the House of Voltaire pop-up shop selling artists' works, limited editions and original pieces by leading contemporary artists in support of Studio Voltaire (an independent arts organisation of 45 London-based artists). The vibe of the pop-up was very Comme des Garcons , but less overtly edgy. There was an encouraging mix of affordable fare (t-shirts and tea towels) and, of course, the art pieces. Something for everyone really.

As for the shoes, I haven't taken snaps of most of rest of the shoes as they're comparatively less exciting (think primarily basic pumps...). But these I love, no LOVE... as in a weld-them-to-my-soles, sleep with them under my pillow way. But isn't that how all acquisitions should feel?

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