Thursday, 25 November 2010

Parisian Pick-Me-Up #2

I've been a bad, bad girl - I'm not entirely sure if it's the disappointment of not securing anything in the Lanvin x H&M scrum or the realisation Ez and I only spent one day shopping in Paris.  Possibly collective grief? Either way, the plastics are going on major hibernation after today. 


I'd like to blame Club 21's End-of-Season flyer for this moment of weakness at Lanvin but, in truth, I should thank them for the sale preview since these deeply discounted darlings cost me scarcely more than a full-price Nine West (at 70% off). 

If you pop down to their Hilton Shopping Gallery boutique, this treasure trove of items between 60-70% off is tucked away behind the mirrored screens at the far end of the boutique, whereas the rest of the store was an introductory '30% + 10%' - how sly!  It's still early days in the sale so there are a decent selection of bags in the bargain bin - most going for under S$980, including an Amalia Cabas tote in a chilli-tomato red and this anthracite grosgrain shoulder bag.  There was even a classic Lanvin 'Love' sketch pouchette for only S$164!

It's a wonder I came out relatively unscathed... now excuse me while I let the cards go cold and the shopping frenzy die down *cough* *shiver* *sweat*

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